Lauren @Lolorackz_ 

Content creator on Onlyfans and an Exotic Dancer in Las Vegas at multiple clubs.

Tell about your background

I started my Journey in 2020 during the Pandemic. I reached out to other Onlyfans creators and collaborated with them. Honestly, what inspired me was my best friend. She pushed me and showed me how Onlyfans was another great way to make an income . She taught me a lot.

Can you share the story behind choosing your specific niche or focus for your content?

I post everyday on onlyfans at least 2-3 times a day. I promote it on all of my social sites . I work so hard and am dedicated. Literally no days off. I take excellent photos with my ring light all the time. I buy so much lingerie and different costumes. it’s become a job. I believe I have found my Niche in Content Creating.

What platforms do you find most effective for connecting with your audience, and why?

Twitter and Instagram have really helped me . Every time I make a post to subscribe to my onlyfans, the people listen and subscribe.

Can you tell us about a memorable experience or achievement in your influencer career so far?

One day I got a phone call in the morning to come collab with 4 other influencers at the Cosmopolitan Casino. I had so much fun with the ladies and photographers. I made so much money collaborating with them. And I had a great time . We were twerking, dancing, we even did a jacuzzi seen all together.

Miss Ally Spoon @missallyspoons

I’ve been blessed to have a prosperous & very busy career, a lot of my time is spent traveling the world indulging in great food. Let’s go back to what seems like eternity, but actually is only a few years. At the age of 18 I discovered my love for marketing & promotions. By the time I was 19; I had proven myself and was awarded the position of Head of Marketing at a local Scottsdale bar. But with that title led to many nights which led to many nights of partying & getting drunk in several Scottsdale Nightclubs, of which I had gained access to. Who would’ve guessed those sleepless, drunk nights would have allowed me to have a successful career? Fitness my next discovery….. As my interest heightened in the competition world, I felt my love for nightlife slipping away. Eventually starved myself into fitness bikini shows and ended up going down a dark road of depression, unhealthy eating habits, thyroid issues, and hormone disorders. I was so hard on myself and couldn’t stand the way I looked. I was finally able to see a doctor and started fixing these health issues and turned my focus back to marketing. Moved to Dallas, opened a new venue there, then back to Scottsdale where I opened another club. The Queen was crowned! I also started working with the record labels and multiple rappers as artist management & A&r. I have three rappers under me 2 djs as of now and I’m working with big labels like epic and empire. Working with a lot of talent getting features, and doing their music videos as well @azvideovixens my other company. I just did music videos for Kalan fr fr, k camp, kap g, and more!

David Waite @daviewaite

My name is David Waite. I have always kind of gone by the title of Artist, which could include multiple talents. I grew up in
a very musical family and was exposed to a lot of music as well as pop culture through nine siblings. I eventually chose the profession of technology and became a computer programmer all while on the side I matured my musical talents. The many years in the tech field provided me with the technical education that I needed in order to facilitate sharing your talents and these atter days.

How did you start your journey as an influencer, and what inspired you?

I was in various bands, and ultimately decided to go solo. I decided to create my own music studio in my home, and start producing and songwriting my own music. After creating songs, I wanted to share them, but I knew if I just put my songs up without having something visual, I wasn’t creating the whole picture and putting myself at a disadvantage. I started to create my own music videos that would accompany my songs. It started out as very rudimentary, and grew to be very elaborate and technology driven. My Instagram page became the medium that I used in order to get my music out. I try to in all my content to capture my emotions, humor and or personality which humanize my content and better connect with individuals.

Jasmine Webster @say.ahhh.for.jaz

My name is Jasmine Webster I am 20 years old and I am freelance model in the DFW area. I also am working on my Bachelors in Social Work at The University of Texas Arlington. I love working out, doing things outdoors , and spending quality time with my family and friends. One of my greatest achievements has been beating drug addiction. I struggled for years with substance abuse and just recently got 2 years clean and sober from everything. Since moving to Dallas I’ve been able to get emerged in the modeling scene pretty quickly. I’ve been able to work with local artist on different things, some local magazines, be apart of art shows, and work in some workshops for photographers in the area. I’ll also be walking for Slay Magazine “50 Shades of slay” show on November 12. I started my journey as an influencer by meeting as many people as i could in Dallas and just being apart of events and trying to get my name out there.

Can you share the story behind choosing your specific niche or focus for your content?


The coordinators of R.U.On.The.Map helped me a lot as well my. My mom was a photographer and promoted her business by photographing me and my little brother when I was younger , and since she’s passed it has been a way i could honor her and feel connected to her. I also love fashion and telling stories with photos. I also want to be able to inspire young women that have similar issues I have had in the past.

Na’eem Walton

Na’eem Walton is a brand influencer and entertainment entrepreneur who partners with brand name companies and solopreneurs to produce and create high quality content. After five years experience in the influencer marketing space and an educational background in business; Na’eem possesses the skill and knowledge to generate profitable advertising campaigns and create brand awareness to drive sales. Na’eem also knows how to connect with an audience and build a loyal following, with over 60K followers on his social media platforms and growing. Na’eem continues to be featured in print and television broadcasts around the world; with over eleven TV appearances to date including “Steve Talk Show” “Snoop Dogg’s Jokers Wild” “ABC’s The Proposal” “Ultimate Tag” and more. In addition to his marketing and TV background, Na’eem is also a certified dating coach and freelance model.

Sativa Rain @sativarain444

My name is Sativa Rain, I am a 26 year old model/content creator. I have been published multiple times in online and physical magazines. I have the joy of working with Fanzvu and being apart of what they stand for.

Tell about your background

I started my influencer/modeling journey at 17 years old, two weeks before my 18 birthday in downtown Dallas at a studio located in the Mosaic in the arts district. America’s next top model is what inspired my whole life, growing up and watching Tyra change girls lives and I wanted to do that but do it “better” by embracing women and what we look like naturally instead of focusing on what we need to change to fit in to the industry. I wanted to step my foot in and be different and that’s exactly what I have done.

Crystal Rodriguez

My name is Crystal Rodriguez, aka @crystal.rodriguezzzz . I am a model, influencer, actor and former athlete. I have been in the industry for years doing print, commercials, music videos, runway, film & more. My true passion is acting and I look forward to continue filling up my IMDBpro card once the SAG/AFTRA strike is resolved. Stay tuned!

How did you start your journey as an influencer, and what inspired you?

After the quarantine, I picked back up modeling full-time. As my following grew, so did my offers from brands & sponsors. This is when I learned the power of being an influencer & choosing the brands I feel comfortable endorsing. I feel inspired by the feedback & growth from some of the original content that I create.

Can you share the story behind choosing your specific niche or focus for your content?

The focus for my content has evolved over time. I started out by posting & promoting myself and the photographers I worked with. As my opportunities to work with brands has grown, I have geared my focus to promoting the brand itself, while keeping it sexy. Let’s be real guys, sex sells! I just make sure to always keep it 100 and be myself. I think being genuine is transparent & people appreciate that.

Barbie aka Scarred Barbie _scarredbarbie_

Who you are, and write your bio. Can you tell me about your life achievements and work experience? My name is Barbie aka Scarred Barbie. Mom, model, actress, singer, radio host, content creator, entrepreneur. The Scarred part comes from the many scars I have on my body due to multiple life changing health issues/accidents which tells my story. I have overcome a lot of obstacles that have been thrown at me, from health issues, to work obstacles. Because of my scars and body type, I was told I wasn’t “beautiful enough” to be a model or make anything of myself. I have worked hard to prove that all people are capable of achieving their dreams. Regardless if they don’t fit status quo. I have been able to work along side great people both here in Texas and back home in New Jersey/New York.

How did you start your journey as an influencer, and what inspired you?
I started my journey when I finally took control of my health and stopped allowing people to affect the way I saw myself or if I was worthy enough to achieve my goals. My inspiration comes from my children. I have always taught them to never settle and always strive for more. We are only given one life to live to make the best of it and work hard for what you want.

Can you share the story behind choosing your specific niche or focus for your content?
My whole focus is self love. It took me a long time to finally love who I saw looking back at me in the mirror. Now don’t get me wrong, I am only human and so I still will always find something I want to work on or fix for myself but regardless of if I do or not, I still love me. I have struggled my whole life with my weight and than after my car accident I became covered in scars. I had to love the scars and the story it told of my life. I want to help others find that for themselves. Its ok to love who you are and want to correct things that make you uncomfortable. There is all this back and forth about how if you love yourself you wouldn’t want to fix or change anything; I think thats false. Loving yourself means loving yourself enough to be ok with the choices you make to make YOURSELF happy regardless of what others think.

Rick McNeely

To answer the first question here goes- name is Rick McNeely. I am a radio DJ, radio producer, TV personality, TV director and musician. I hold a college degree in radio TV and film. Some of my achievements include best actor of Fort Worth Texas, top Male radio DJ 2018, best radio show 2021 and TV producing award 2013. I have worked for every major TV outlet(ABC,NBC,CBS&TV AZTECA). I play the bass guitar, trumpet and the drums. I was also lead singer and several bands and I have a few singles recorded in my name.

I started my journey when I was 12 years old by learning how to play music. When I graduated from high school I was in college studying music. During that time I was asked to do a local TV production and that turned into professional acting. It was a following year where I did my first movie as an actor for HBO TV and I started getting various roles including working on the Walker Texas Ranger TV show starring Chuck Norris. I was a double on the show for his sidekick, Clarence Gilyard. I was a full-time actor for over 7 years working in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. And then after my return home from Los Angeles, I was asked to work as a DJ and I started playing music at that point. After working at a college job fair I was introduced to radio broadcasting. I enrolled at Tarrant county college and in 2014 I received my college degree for radio TV and film.

I was inspired by my family in particular my mother who died from cancer. She encouraged me to be the man that I am and to push my career as far as I can.