Na’eem Walton

Who you are, and write your bio. Can you tell me about your life achievements and work experience?

Na’eem Walton is a brand influencer and entertainment entrepreneur who partners with brand name companies and solopreneurs to produce and create high quality content. After five years experience in the influencer marketing space and an educational background in business; Na’eem possesses the skill and knowledge to generate profitable advertising campaigns and create brand awareness to drive sales. Na’eem also knows how to connect with an audience and build a loyal following, with over 60K followers on his social media platforms and growing. Na’eem continues to be featured in print and television broadcasts around the world; with over eleven TV appearances to date including “Steve Talk Show” “Snoop Dogg’s Jokers Wild” “ABC’s The Proposal” “Ultimate Tag” and more. In addition to his marketing and TV background, Na’eem is also a certified dating coach and freelance model.

How did you start your journey as an influencer, and what inspired you?

I started my journey as an influencer really but just posting high quality content and having brands contact me directly to work with them on their campaigns. 


Can you share the story behind choosing your specific niche or focus for your content? 

I was working with a brand manager at the beginning of me trying to develop my niche- and we decided to stay in the realm of wellness, promote sensual content, and fashion. All things that are related to my personality.

What platforms do you find most effective for connecting with your audience, and why?

I like instagram, I feel it’s the platform I fist launched on and my true supporters are there. 

Can you tell us about a memorable experience or achievement in your influencer career so far?

I would say my influencer campaign in Toronto 2019. There were multiple campaigns I worked on there that went viral, Chanel collaboration, worked with some of the top restaurants and show rooms in the city, it was just a wave of momentum that wouldn’t end up until the pandemic.

What strategies do you use to engage and grow your audience on social media?

I just try to post content that resonates with my core audience and come with quality every-time. Collaborations and shoutouts are always good to cross market. But that’s really about it. 

How do you handle negative feedback or criticism that you may receive online.

I don’t care, I’m in a world of my own. 


Photo by @tonybeephoto

Photo by @rarifilmz

Are there any misconceptions about being an influencer that you’d like to address?

That not everything I post is in direct relation to my personal life. I draw creative inspiration from everything around me. 

Can you share tips for aspiring influencers looking to establish themselves in the industry?

Just be consistent, pay attention to some of the latest trends with the algorithms to make sure your work gets the maximum reach, and put out quality work that will stand the test of time. 

Could you tell us about a time when you had to overcome a challenge in your influencer journey. 

I think over the pandemic with so much going on in the world it was hard to post content and not seem like I was taking attention away from more important issues. I struggled with trying to find balance as a creator at that time. 

What does a typical day in your life as an influencer look like?

 I start my day applying to at least 20-30 campaigns, online education, checking for latest tips and trends, massive outreach, creating new visual story boards, gym/spa, and shoot whatever project I’m working on that day. 

What are your goals and aspirations for your influencer career in the coming years?

My goals in the next coming years as an influencer is to put out projects that are better than my previous work, grow my audience, and show more of my personality in content- podcasts, giveaways, community service things like that.