Rick McNeely

Who you are and write your bio. can you me about your life?

To answer the first question here goes- name is Rick McNeely. I am a radio DJ, radio producer, TV personality, TV director and musician. I hold a college degree in radio TV and film. Some of my achievements include best actor of Fort Worth Texas, top Male radio DJ 2018, best radio show 2021 and TV producing award 2013. I have worked for every major TV outlet(ABC,NBC,CBS&TV AZTECA). I play the bass guitar, trumpet and the drums. I was also lead singer and several bands and I have a few singles recorded in my name.

I started my journey when I was 12 years old by learning how to play music. When I graduated from high school I was in college studying music. During that time I was asked to do a local TV production and that turned into professional acting. It was a following year where I did my first movie as an actor for HBO TV and I started getting various roles including working on the Walker Texas Ranger TV show starring Chuck Norris. I was a double on the show for his sidekick, Clarence Gilyard. I was a full-time actor for over 7 years working in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. And then after my return home from Los Angeles, I was asked to work as a DJ and I started playing music at that point. After working at a college job fair I was introduced to radio broadcasting. I enrolled at Tarrant county college and in 2014 I received my college degree for radio TV and film.

How did you start your journey as an influencer, and what inspired you?I was inspired by my family in particular my mother who died from cancer. She encouraged me to be the man that I am and to push my career as far as I can.

Can you tell us about a memorable experience or achievement in your influencer career so far?

The most memorable experience I have as an influencer is that I create holidays. People can create crazy and influential holidays and you can use them for any platform that you desire. I am the Creator and founder of national selfie day. The holiday is on June 21st and I came up with the concept of taking selfies and using them in a creative way. I started that in 2014 as a novelty while on air doing a show because I understood that people create crazy holidays and some people will follow them. In 2016 selfie day went viral. I never thought something that I would create with influence the world. Since then it has created millions upon millions of selfies on June 21st the actual date and, they’re over 7 billion hashtags of national selfie day and selfie on tiktok. So this day going forward selfie day still brings in a lot of attention. I’ve created over 20 holidays since then including National barbecue day, brisket day, rum day, ladies rodeo day and National poker day to name a few.

How do you handle negative feedback or criticism that you may receive online?

I don’t try to engage in negative feedback. As the military soldier we are trained not to engage or entice people with negativity because that can lead to dire consequences. I don’t feel the need to explain myself to anyone simply because I’m an adult and I don’t have to. I learned a long time ago that no matter how good you are and whatever your craft happens to be, you’ll still be a pocket of resistance of people who do not like you. You can’t please everybody but you can’t walk around in life to please everyone.

What are your goals and aspirations for your influencer career in the coming years?

I see myself in a bigger platform with our company and as an executive. I will still have the opportunity to blog and create content but I do want a management role and everybody else who will be a part of our company so that we have growth from start to finish. I can see myself helping making this the biggest social media platform on the planet because of what we have to offer. Is it endeavor that I’m glad I’m a part of

What platforms do you find most effective for connecting with your audience, and why?

FanzVu is a great platform to connect but outside of this one, Instagram seems to be my best bet. Lots of entertainers like this platform and we have more Liberty to share a pictures and videos then on some other platforms. Big name celebrities and stars gravitate to the gram and I have more followers on that one that I do on the other mainstream platforms.

What strategies do you use to engage and grow your audience on social media?

The main strategies I use to engage with people is going to be their feedback when they post on my post. I also use a variety of hashtags cuz that’s going to draw most people in.