Lolorackz_  Lauren

Content creator on Onlyfans and an Exotic Dancer in Las Vegas at multiple clubs.

Tell about your background

I started my Journey in 2020 during the Pandemic. I reached out to other Onlyfans creators and collaborated with them. Honestly, what inspired me was my best friend. She pushed me and showed me how Onlyfans was another great way to make an income . She taught me a lot.

Can you share the story behind choosing your specific niche or focus for your content?

I post everyday on onlyfans at least 2-3 times a day. I promote it on all of my social sites . I work so hard and am dedicated. Literally no days off. I take excellent photos with my ring light all the time. I buy so much lingerie and different costumes. it’s become a job. I believe I have found my Niche in Content Creating.

What platforms do you find most effective for connecting with your audience, and why?

Twitter and Instagram have really helped me . Every time I make a post to subscribe to my onlyfans, the people listen and subscribe.

Can you tell us about a memorable experience or achievement in your influencer career so far?

One day I got a phone call in the morning to come collab with 4 other influencers at the Cosmopolitan Casino. I had so much fun with the ladies and photographers. I made so much money collaborating with them. And I had a great time . We were twerking, dancing, we even did a jacuzzi seen all together.

What strategies do you use to engage and grow your audience on social media?

I do have a strategy. But it’s not for free. Yes I use social media. But I also use another way that’s way more effective in getting Subscribers. But I can’t tell you. Because that costs.

How do you handle negative feedback or criticism that you may receive online?

I very seldom get negative feedback about content creating. I mostly get so many men asking me to collab. My DM’s are filled with men asking me that . It’s so funny.

Can you share tips for aspiring influencers looking to establish themselves in the industry?

Don’t take any days off. Shoot as much content as you can. Buy multiple costumes and outfits. Invest in a really good ring light. Collaborate with other influencers.

Could you tell us about a time when you had to overcome a challenge in your influencer journey?

Yes, when I started my Onlyfans, I was extremely nervous and scared about who would see and now I do not care. I’ve been doing this for 3 years it’s becoming just another day.

What does a typical day in your life as an influencer look like?

When I wake up I post on onlyfans. I’ll leave the house to run errands and when I get home . I’ll do my makeup change into a hot outfit and take lots of photos. I Post my new content on onlyfans and then sit back and watch the men spoil me.

What are your goals and aspirations for your influencer career in the coming years?


My goal is to get in the top 1% on onlyfans. I’m almost there. I’m down for the ride. This journey has been amazing. I feel like I’m getting better and learning more everyday as a creator. I’ll get in the top 1% very soon. I feel it !.