barbie aka Scarred Barbie _scarredbarbie_

Who you are, and write your bio.

Can you tell me about your life achievements and work experience? My name is Barbie aka Scarred Barbie. Mom, model, actress, singer, radio host, content creator, entrepreneur. The Scarred part comes from the many scars I have on my body due to multiple life changing health issues/accidents which tells my story. I have overcome a lot of obstacles that have been thrown at me, from health issues, to work obstacles. Because of my scars and body type, I was told I wasn’t “beautiful enough” to be a model or make anything of myself. I have worked hard to prove that all people are capable of achieving their dreams. Regardless if they don’t fit status quo. I have been able to work along side great people both here in Texas and back home in New Jersey/New York.

How did you start your journey as an influencer, and what inspired you?
I started my journey when I finally took control of my health and stopped allowing people to affect the way I saw myself or if I was worthy enough to achieve my goals. My inspiration comes from my children. I have always taught them to never settle and always strive for more. We are only given one life to live to make the best of it and work hard for what you want.

Can you share the story behind choosing your specific niche or focus for your content?
My whole focus is self love. It took me a long time to finally love who I saw looking back at me in the mirror. Now don’t get me wrong, I am only human and so I still will always find something I want to work on or fix for myself but regardless of if I do or not, I still love me. I have struggled my whole life with my weight and than after my car accident I became covered in scars. I had to love the scars and the story it told of my life. I want to help others find that for themselves. Its ok to love who you are and want to correct things that make you uncomfortable. There is all this back and forth about how if you love yourself you wouldn’t want to fix or change anything; I think thats false. Loving yourself means loving yourself enough to be ok with the choices you make to make YOURSELF happy regardless of what others think.

What platforms do you find most effective for connecting with your audience, and why?
Usually you can find me on FanzVu, TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter(X). I love to do lives and talk with my audience and allow them to ask me questions and really get to know me and my story.

Can you tell us about a memorable experience or achievement in your influencer career so far?
My biggest achievement was receiving a heartfelt message from a male audience of mine who thanked me for helping him find himself and love who he was. He shared some personal experiences with me and how I was able to help him get out of a dark place in his life. To me, thats all I want to do, help others.

What strategies do you use to engage and grow your audience on social media?

I usually do lives that allow them to see my day to day or even Q&A’s. Sometimes my husband will join in on the Q&A’s to give a male point of view.

How do you handle negative feedback or criticism that you may receive online?

Honestly I had to learn that no matter what you do someone will have something to say and you really cant please everyone. Thats ok, I’m not everyone’s cup of tea, and I’m ok with that. Some people have tried to attack me and say what kind of parent am I for doing what I do, but my kids see me and see a strong woman with a big heart and strong mind. They know you should never judge a book by its cover, a person is judged by their character.

Are there any misconceptions about being an influencer that you’d like to address? We aren’t all here for our 15 mins of fame or the money. If I can help people live a better life filled with self love and confidence and peace, thats all I want.

Can you share tips for aspiring influencers looking to establish themselves in the industry?

Don’t be afraid to hear no. Not everyone will see you for you, and its ok, there are plenty of people who will appreciate your work and time. Always stay true to who you are and dont allow anyone or anything to change you and your vision.

Could you tell us about a time when you had to overcome a challenge in your influencer journey? When I started my journey I was told that my scars and loose skin wouldn’t work in this industry. It did hurt me and for a little while I believed it. Than one day I looked at myself and realized I had come too far and was given a second chance at life so I needed to live it for me and no one else & that means doing what I needed to do to reach my goals.

What does a typical day in your life as an influencer look like?

It can be hectic. Between my kids busy schedules, work, radio, and creating content; I will show all aspects of it. You’ll see me as a messy mom in the pickup lines, a housewife cooking and cleaning, a “life of a club house mom”, and of course modeling. My day will consist of whatever is able to fit in it haha.

What are your goals and aspirations for your influencer career in the coming years?

Truthfully, I just want to continue to be able to help others and continue to find my own self. Every day we are learning and growing ; so if I can continue to share my journey and be a guide to others than I am fulfilling my goals.