4 ways to start earning money on Crypto

In this article, we will discuss how to commence a career in the crypto sphere without investing your own funds. These methods resemble games but can genuinely help you earn money. So, let’s begin.

Method 1 – Whitelist

Whitelist is a list of individuals who have met the requirements and have permission to purchase coins at an early stage of the project’s development. Each project has different conditions: invite 100 referrals, create art (draw a picture for the project), and so on.

Method 2 – Airdrop

Airdrop is when a project sends you coins or tokens for free. To start receiving free tokens, you need wallets. The main ones are: • metamask; • phantom; • trustwallet. To receive tokens, you need to complete simple tasks: tweet, retweet, like, repost, invite a friend. This works on the giveaway principle: you subscribe to social networks, like and give activity to the project. In return, it distributes tokens of its project, which you can sell.

Method 3 – Node or Testnet

Node or Testnet – is software that allows interaction with the network. They play a significant role, namely – confirming transactions and ensuring security, as well as testing the network until the project enters the market. How to earn? You need to install the software on your computer (cloud server), run it, provide the power of your equipment or test the network, for which, later, you can receive a reward in the form of tokens when the project enters the market (and these tokens can also grow significantly).

Method 4 – Crypto Affiliate Marketing

A special link that allows you to track referred users and receive rewards. How to earn? • Choose a referral program. • Register with the service (access to the affiliate program is available only to registered users. To attract referrals, you need to first become a client of this service). • Get the link (the referral link becomes available after logging in to the website in the “Affiliate Program” section or in your personal account. It contains a unique code at the end, thanks to which the site recognizes a new visitor as a referral). • Share the link (send to a friend, relative, etc.). An example of a platform that pays for a referred user who has completed a task from $0.5 to $100 (depending on the task’s complexity).