How to promote adult content on Reddit

Reddit is a social network that is visited by almost 2 billion users monthly, and it’s a source of semi-free traffic. Its main feature is that you can publish explicit content without censorship. That’s why Reddit has become the most popular social network for adult workers and arbitrators. The only problem is that understanding how to work with this source is not that easy.

Getting Started: Buying Accounts and Configuring Anti-Detect
To begin, we need good Reddit accounts with post and comment karma. I recommend accounts with a post karma of 3,000 and a comment karma of 200 or higher. Subreddits may reject account posts with lower values. The account’s age should be at least three months, ideally six months or more. A good account typically costs around $25-30, and its lifespan depends on rule compliance and activity. With no rule violations or suspicious activity, an account can last for many years. Post karma is visible on the profile along with the account registration date, and to view comment karma, you need to go to the profile and hover over the ‘Karma’ line.

You can manage a single Reddit account using a regular browser with one IP address, even if the account was registered in a different country. If you plan to work with two or more accounts, I recommend using an anti-detect browser and IPv4 proxy versions.

1) Before starting to fill out your Reddit account, make sure to go to settings and enable NSFW. Failure to do so may lead to the account being quickly blocked:

Also, you need to enable adult content visibility to access NSFW subreddits:

Account Setup

To understand how to best fill out your profile, it’s helpful to look at examples of other adult accounts on Reddit. You can find them in any NSFW subreddit. Here’s an example of such an account:

Typically, in the account description, they write about its uniqueness, the type of content that will be posted, describe the advantages of the profile on OnlyFans or Fansly, and also talk about discounts, promotions, and the like. If you don’t want to come up with a description, you can copy it from an account with high karma and customize it to suit yourself. You can add or modify the profile description in the settings, under the ‘About’ section:

In the Social links section, you can add almost any social network, including OnlyFans or FanzVu. If you offer trials or other promo links, use a custom link to track statistics.

Finding Subreddits and Posting Content
To find suitable subreddits, you can visit any account that has adult publications. Subreddits where you can post adult content are marked as NSFW:

Each subreddit has its own set of rules that it’s better to familiarize yourself with in advance and not violate.

On Reddit, there are subreddits with mandatory verification, without which you cannot post your entries:

Of course, this will take some time, but by verifying in 10-20 subreddits, you will receive more traffic since the competition in them is less. In addition, you will get a Verified status, which will increase users’ trust.

Before posting your material on Reddit, you need to upload it to the Imgur service. Imgur is a free online service for uploading and storing images. The thing is, you cannot upload an image directly to Reddit, as it is prohibited by the rules of most NSFW subreddits. Initially, all images need to be uploaded to Imgur, and then insert links to them in the post.

If you want to upload a video, upload it to RedGIFs first and then insert the link into the post. Also, please note that not all subreddits allow video posting. After this, you can enter the subreddit and create a post. To do this, click on ‘Create Post.’

Then open the Link tab, write an attractive title, and add a link to the images from imgur. Don’t forget to mark it as NSFW, which is highlighted in red. After everything is ready, hit ‘Post.

When the post is published, it will become visible on the wall of your account.

The publication will gradually gain activity and move up if the post is interesting, creative, and unusual. Therefore, to reach the top, the post should be liked by the participants of the subreddit. This is what you should aim for, as getting to the top brings more views, engagement, and traffic.

To view the statistics of your post, you need to click on the Insights button, which is located right below the post.
Every day you need to do all of this with 30-40 subreddits. Use different text and photos for this. I haven’t noticed any restrictions on the number of posts. Sometimes I would post 50-60 posts a day without any problems. If you have unique and vibrant content, you won’t have to wait long for traffic. Reddit users love this and will push your posts to the top.

Automating the Process Manual posting can be quite tiresome, especially when it comes to 30-40 posts a day. To solve this problem, you’ll need to use auto-posting. This method is suitable for both the qualitative development of a single account and mass posting from multiple accounts. In the first case, it will save time managing your Reddit account, and in the second case, it will allow you to get more traffic with less effort. Prices for auto-posting services for Reddit start at $20. One such service is Postpone — a Reddit post scheduler and content creator manager with a delayed posting feature. The plan for 5 accounts starts at $39.

Conclusion Reddit has great potential for generating adult traffic, primarily reaching a financially capable audience. At first glance, setting it up may seem challenging, but we hope this guide will help beginners navigate the platform and conquer subreddit tops in the future. This platform is so diverse that it appeals to enthusiasts of almost anything. There’s a fan group ready to like and purchase favorite content for almost every category or fetish. The key is to find your own style and engage the audience.