Emily Pellegrini - AI generated adult creator on Fanvue

Platform where adult creators aren’t real.

Fanvue is an adult creator platform featuring AI-generated influencers, acting as a competitor to OF. 

However, the creators on this platform aren’t actual individuals but AI-generated women. The top creator, Emily Pellegrini, isn’t a real person but an AI-generated persona. 

Despite this, she has earned around $10,000 since starting on the platform. Emily also boasts over 80,000 Instagram followers engaging with her content, all generated using AI art tools like Midjourney. 

This platform allows people to unleash their creativity without necessarily being the face behind that creation.

Emily Pellegrini is just 21 year old AI Model, she is from Italy, and her Instagram is like a dreamland. Her bio promises a place where dreams come true.

She share her hot content on instagram daily. All the content she made is AI Generated with human tough.

Bragging 81,000 enthusiastic Instagram followers, the leggy lovely has also snagged earnings of nearly $10,000 in the six weeks she’s been live on a trendy pay-per-view site.

With this kind of popularity, it’s easy to imagine Pellegrini on her way to becoming one of America’s hottest new adult stars. 

Too bad she’s not real.

While scientists and policy makers debate what the future might look like with artificial intelligence,  or AI, infiltrating every aspect of our lives, impossibly perfect, extremely fake models like Pellegrini are thisclose to turning the adult industry upside down — yet again.

The job of actual, real-life adult influencer  could very well be next on the chopping block, it seems, as clever creators slowly infiltrate the X-rated content market with the help of new subscriber-only platforms like Fanvue — a new rival to OnlyFans.

Unlike its established predecessor, where AI is only permitted if backed by a real person, Fanvue allows non-existent characters to come to life at will. Not only that — they’re leaning into the category, and betting AI as the future of porn, according to Business Insider. 

Artificial intelligence, Fanvue’s founder and CEO Will Monange told the outlet, allows people to be creative without being “the face of that creation.” He believes AI-generated models will “thrive” in coming years, eventually reaching the same acclaim or popularity as human influencers.


“Why does their audience want to interact and engage with them? Fundamentally, behind that engagement is just a creative person who is expressing themselves and knows how to do that,” he said. “Whether it’s a person that sits as the face of that, or whether it’s a virtual creator, the fundamental there is still very much similar.”

The platform is even developing a suite of features on the site that will integrate the new-age tech with chatbots and audio cloning tools to mimic a creator’s voice. The tools are constantly improving based on user feedback, according to the company.

And while AI will remain “more so a tool” or “an extension of who we are and what we do” for now, Monange insists, creators of the AI bots are already seeing the benefits of it as demand — and prevalence — skyrockets, thanks to rapidly progressing technology.